Reservoir Lofts

New Multifamily Residential

Project Type: Multi-family Housing

Project Location: 25-31 Wheeler Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Project Size: 72 Total Units. 36 Loft Style Apartments. 36 One-Bedroom Apartments.

Project Description:

Throughout the design process the team strove to maximize the site’s connection with downtown Boston/Cambridge and the intimate setting of the Fresh Pond neighborhood and nature preserves.  The team worked to control the affordability of the units and emphasize the developments pedestrian scale by providing a thoughtful approach to landscaping.  Accommodating enough open common space to balance the residential unit density proved to be a challenge.   The design team took the successful approach of splitting the number of units into four completely independent structures over a common garage.  This move allowed the creation of view corridors from inside out and vice versa, so suddenly the private becomes semi-private and helps to establish a link between the common spaces of the Reservoir Lofts Development and the surrounding urban fabric.