Port Norfolk

Urban Planning

Project Type: Mixed Use: Hotel, Retail, Residential

Project Location: Port Norfolk, Boston, Massachusetts

Project Size: 414 Residential Units, 100 Hotel rooms, 12,000 Square Feet Retail.

Project Description:

Port Norfolk is a three phase Planned Unit Development. Phase I consists of 265 parking spaces, four 5 story residential buildings containing 142 units, and a 5 story hotel with 100 rooms. Phase II consists of six 5 story buildings containing 182 units and approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space including 257 parking spaces. Phase III consists of one 10 story building containing  90 units and an additional 56 parking spaces. The development totals 578 parking spaces and 414 units with retail and hotel space. The site will retain an existing distillery, winery, and commercial building.