Kinnaird St

Single-Three Family Residential

Project Type: Single Family Housing

Project Location: 17 Kinnaird St, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Project Size: 2,045 Square Feet.

Project Description:

The Kinnaird St. residence is an existing non-conforming two family structure on an existing non-conforming lot, requiring us to work closely with the owner and the  city to produce “as of right” renovation options. There were several additional constraints beyond the nonconformity including lifting the existing house to pour a new foundation and replacing or re-enforcing all existing structural elements. Our final strategy included utilizing the existing exterior walls to maintain the “as of right” plan, create dormers to increase the quality of the second floor spaces, add a second floor addition to increase livable square footage, and completely renovate the interior to create a new revitalized single family home.

The residence at Kinnaird St underwent a complete transformation providing new charm and character to a rundown home that was ignored for decades, but can now be enjoyed by the residents and neighborhood alike.